Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

2024 valentines day

We pick up some products fit for valentine's day gifts.

Shop these Valentine's Day gift ideas for him, her, your friends, and family.

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Kumihimo Silk Bracelet 10 Colors

 $29.00 USD



Tozaburo x Kyoto Asahiya kumihimo Gemstone bracelet

 $175.00 USD



5mm 108 beads Lignum vitae wood Jade Bracelet

 $49.00 USD



7.5mm Sandalwood Bracelet

 $59.00 USD



6mm 108 White Bodhi tree Wood & Jade Double Bracelet

 $89.00 USD



6mm 108 White Bodhi tree Wood & Red Agate Double Bracelet

 $89.00 USD



Get ready, because they're gonna love your gift~


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