Happy Mother's Day

Life is a gift.

Mother's day's coming soon and it's time to tell all the moms in your life how much you appreciate their love and support.

Kyoto Asahiya is here with some gift suggestions to help you pick up the perfect gift.

 【8mm Aizen indigo wild cherry tree wood Bracelet】

$59.00 USD

 【Tozaburo x Kyoto Asahiya kumihimo bracelet】

$175.00 USD~$190.00 USD

 【Olive Tree Wooden Bracelet 5 colors】

$49.00 USD

 【8mm Kyoto Kiyomizu-yaki & Crystal Bracelet】

$159.00 USD

 【90cm Cotton Furoshiki - Kotoima 6 Patterns】

$29.00 USD

 【50cm Cotton Furoshiki - Animals 4 Patterns】

 $12.00 USD

  【68cm Rayon Furoshiki - Birds & Flowers 2 Colors】

$29.00 USD

 【Cotton Furoshiki - Reversible 3 Colors 3 Sizes】

$15.00 USD

 【Quartz & Strawberry Quartz Juzu Prayer beads】

$99.00 USD

 【Shingon Myanmar Jade Juzu Prayer Beads】

$289.00 USD

 【Blue Chalcedony Juzu Prayer beads】

$119.00 USD

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