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2021 Furoshiki Wrapping

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The Christmas season is coming up!
A beautiful furoshiki wrapping can make your gift more special!
Here are two wrapping skills for you.

Wine tsutsumi

Furoshiki wine tsutsumi


Wine tsutsumi skill
  1. ①Put a rubber band on the wine bottle neck and place the bottle in center.

  2. ②Lift 'a' and 'b', then tuck them together with the rubber band.

  3. ③Lift 'c' and 'd', then corss them from the back side of bottle, make sure both tips are in front of the bottle.

  4. ④Use 'c' and 'd' to make ma musubi knot, make sure it could cover the rubber band.

  5. ⑤Adjust shape.

Hanabira tsutsumi

Furoshiki hanabira tsutsumi


Hanabira tsutsumi skill
  1. ①Place object in center.

  2. ②Tie 'c' and 'd' once.

  3. ③Tie 'a' and 'b' once over ② knot.

  4. ④Tie ② and ③ again over previous knots.

  5. ⑤Arrange corners into petal shape.

Ma musubi


Ma musubi skill
  1. ①Hold 'b' with left hand and place over 'a'.

  2. ②Tie 'b' around 'a'.

  3. ③point 'b' to left.

  4. ④Bring down 'a' over 'b'.

  5. ⑤Bring 'a' under 'b' and tie into kont.

  6. ⑥Adjust shape.

Furoshiki wrapping is so easy and it is good for the environment!
If you have to bring a bottle of wine to the party in the Christmas season, just try wine tsutsumi!

Let's go to choose one furoshiki to make your gift more special!

70cm Polyester Furoshiki - Royal Lace Navy Blue

70cm Polyester Furoshiki - Royal Lace 3 Patterns

$69.00 USD


Cotton Furoshiki - Reversible 3 Colors 3 Sizes

From $15.00 USD

Cotton Furoshiki - Reversible Burgundy x Pink


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