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2021 Furoshiki gift Wrapping

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During the Ochūgen period in Japan, people send gifts to their superiors and acquaintances.
The gift is usually wrapped by a furoshiki in the Ochūgen gift commercial.
A beautiful furoshiki wrapping can make your gift more special!
But how to wrap a gift with a furoshiki?
Here are two wrapping skills for you.

Otsukai tsutsumi

Otsukai Tsutsumi


Otsukai Tsutsumi skill
  1. ①With back side of furoshiki facing up, place object in center. Bring 'b' coner up and over, covering object.

  2. ②Take 'a' corner and fold over 'b'.

  3. ③Bring 'c' and 'd' corners together and tie ma musubi knot tightly.

Ribbon tsutsumi

Ribbon Tsutsumi


Ribbon Tsutsumi skill
  1. ①Place object in the upper 'a', 'c' and 'd' triangle, about 3cm from center of 'a' 'd' edge. (The right top corner of object is where the bow will be.) Roll object down toward 'b' onto its opposite side.

  2. ②Fold 'b' over object.

  3. ③Fold 'c' over object.

  4. ④Roll object over.

  5. ⑤Make ma musubi knot with 'a' and 'd'.

Ma musubi


Ma musubi skill
  1. ①Hold 'b' with left hand and place over 'a'.

  2. ②Tie 'b' around 'a'.

  3. ③point 'b' to left.

  4. ④Bring down 'a' over 'b'.

  5. ⑤Bring 'a' under 'b' and tie into kont.

  6. ⑥Adjust shape.

It is not so difficult right?
Let's go to choose one furoshiki to make your gift more special!


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