Cotton Table mat Placemat - Keisuke Serizawa Beige
Cotton Table mat Placemat - Keisuke Serizawa White
Cotton Table mat Placemat - Keisuke Serizawa Green
Cotton Table mat Placemat - Keisuke Serizawa 3 Patterns

Cotton Table mat Placemat - Keisuke Serizawa 3 Patterns

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Japanese Table mat Placemat Cotton Fabric Keisuke Serizawa Artwork

Material : Cotton 100%
Size : 22cm × 22cm
Color : White, Green, Beige

Made in Kyoto, JAPAN

The table mat gives cozy atmosphere for every occasion.
Beautiful and stylish for a perfect designed table decor, suitable for all types of dining tables.
It can also use as a table mat, a vase mat, or table decoration.

Keisuke Serizawa is a Japanese dyeing craftsman.
Based on the techniques of traditional crafts such as Edo Komon and Ise Japanese paper, he has created original Japanese-style works.
He developed the technique of stencil dyeing, completed his own style "stencil dyeing", it has been certified as an important intangible cultural heritage.
He is highly regarded as a representative Japanese craftsman in the world.

Wind (White):
It is a work of Keisuke Serizawa designed the Japanese word of "wind" (風).
The design of character is a typical feature of his art work.

Pleasure (Green):
The meaning of "喜" character is "Pleasure" .
The character is written in cursive style Japanese.

Heart (Beige) :
The meaning of "心" character is "Heart".

The perfect and unique gift idea for a wedding, housewarming or any occasion that you want or need to give something special

In our store, there are many patterns you can choose, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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