45cm Silk Furoshiki - Mt.Fuji Tamako Kataoka Sakura Fujisan
45cm Silk Furoshiki - Mt.Fuji Tamako Kataoka Syouchikubai Fujisan
45cm Silk Furoshiki - Mt.Fuji Tamako Kataoka Tenpyougumo Fujisan
45cm Silk Furoshiki - Mt.Fuji Tamako Kataoka Red Fujisan
45cm Silk Furoshiki - Mt.Fuji Tamako Kataoka Peony Fujisan
45cm Silk Furoshiki - Mt.Fuji Tamako Kataoka Peony Fujisan
45cm Silk Furoshiki - Mt.Fuji Tamako Kataoka Peony Fujisan
45cm Silk Furoshiki - Mt.Fuji Tamako Kataoka 5 Patterns

45cm Silk Furoshiki - Mt.Fuji Tamako Kataoka 5 Patterns

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Japanese format Silk Fabric Furoshiki Fujisan Mt.Fuji Tamako Kataoka

Characteristics of the product

Material : Silk 100%
Size:45cm x 45cm
Pattern : Red Fujisan, Sakura Fujisan, Tenpyougumo Fujisan, Syouchikubai Fujisan, Peony Fujisan

Made in Kyoto, JAPAN


Mt.Fuji is the tallest mountain in Japan and it has become a symol. Not also is a famous landscape among tourist inside and outisde Japan, but it is also a place of worship.
Mt. Fuji has long been a source of inspiration for many artists because of its breathtaking views.
This wrapping cloth can be used it as an interior decor as well.

Silk has a light texture and a glossy apperence, so it has long been used for luxury cloth.

About furoshiki

Wrapping cloths are part of Japanese tradition and they reflect the Japanese interest in beauty, elegance, multifunctionality and thoughtfulness in detail as an approach to everyday life

They are a fabulous, zero waste way of wrapping anything from products and wine bottles to clothes & gifts.

Furoshiki embraces the philosophy of eco-friendly living by challenging us on how many items we really need. This beautiful and ingenious art allows one object to have many uses simply by folding and tying the cloth in different ways.

While Japanese culture is not alone in using fabric wrapping, furoshiki has a distinctive style reflecting Japanese interest in ceremony, beauty, multi-functional objects and thoughtful detail in approach to everyday living.

Cloth wrapping has been used for over 1200 years in Japan and the word furoshiki, meaning "bath spread", dates back to the Edo period (1603-1868) when the cloths were commonly used in bath houses to wrap clothes and as a bath mat. 

Over time, Japanese developed a multitude of uses and patterns that are both elegant and functional. One furoshiki cloth can be used as :
a gift wrapping 
a bag for shopping
a handbag decoration
a picnic hamper
a tablecloth
a household decor
a scarf, belt or bandana
a way of wrapping clothes when travelling

In our store, there are many patterns you can choose, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Thank you :)

※ The color may differ from the actual one depending on the coloration condition of the monitor.

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