Gion Matsuri

2021 culture

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July, the month of Gion Matsuri, is the largest festival in Kyoto. Various religious services and events unfold during this one-month period. One of the best known events in Gion Matsuri is the parade of Yamaboko Junkō (山鉾巡行).

The parade is also called moving art museum (動く美術館) because of the yama or hoko is decorated gorgeously with beautiful tapestries and arts. It is a pity that the parade is canceled again this year, but some of yama and hoko are still built for inheriting traditional technologies. Here is a clip of the parade in prior years from Gion Matsuri Manners Up Campaign.

Doubtless that having a personal participation as usual is the best choice! The alternative still let you able to watch the parade wherever you are now. When god closes a door, he must open another window!

Gion Matsuri, a festival of deliverance from the disaster, although the parade is canceled, the meaning of the festival is still remain. Wish everything goes smoothly and peacefully.

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